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Customized Organic Facials

30 Minute Back to Basics  (Extractions Included): $40
Cleanse, Mask,‏ and Hydrate. Also includes aromatherapy and some massage manipulations.

30 Minute Kiddies Facial (5-12 y/o): $25
Basic Cleanse with Cleansing Milk, Mask, Light Massage Manipulations, and Hydration.

​60 Minute Osmosis Revitalized Infusion Facial: ​ $130

​The RevitaPen Facial Infusion is the no-needle alternative to micro-needling. Using Nano-Technology to enhance product absorption into the skin without wounding or triggering inflammation. The RevitaPen works on the same principle as micro-needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy) by creating micro-channels into the skin to deliver  advanced product ingredients.  This facial generates a 30 day collagen increase with the use of potent levels of anti aging ingredients including ~ Vitamin A, Vitamin C & potent antioxidants . Leaves your skin visibly brighter, firmer and with a radiant glow.  *Can only be performed once  a month.

60 Minute Rejuvenating Facial: $65  ($35 for ​NEW CLIENTS ONLY​- can be cashed in for your first facial)
Aromatherapy, Pre-Cleanse,‏ Cleanse, Extractions (If needed), Tone, and Mask. Facial, Scalp, and Body Massage Manipulations.

60 Minute Pregnancy Facial: $55

Pre Cleanse, Cleanse, Extractions (if needed), Exfoliation, Light Pregnancy Peel (we can skip this step if you have rosacea or sensitive skin- this is customized to you), Soothing Mask, Hydration, Massage Manipulations (this is while the product sits- with the exception of certain pressure points), and Aromatherapy (with the exception of certain essential oils)

60 Minute Purifying Back Treatment: $50
A deep cleansing back treatment that removes hard to reach dirt and oils. This treatment includes aromatherapy, cleansing, back massage manipulations, extractions (If needed), mask, and hydration.

60 Minute Teen Facial (13-19 y/o): $50
Aromatherapy, Pre Cleanse, Cleanse, Extractions (If needed), Tone, and Mask. Facial, Scalp, and Body Massage Manipulations. Juice Beauty has a Blemish Line for teens that I will most likely use on your teenager depending on their skin care needs.

90 Minute Luxury Facial: $80
Foot Soak, Aromatherapy, Pre-Cleanse, Cleanse, Extractions (If needed), Tone, and Mask. Longer facial, Scalp, and Body Massage Manipulations.

​90 Minute Osmosis Revitalized Infusion Facial + Direct High Frequency: ​ $150

Revitapen will be done for 1 hour and Direct High Frequency for 20 minutes. Adding argon gas after your Revitapen treatment will help kill any lingering bacteria underneath the skin- perfect for those who are acne prone.

​120 Minute Osmosis Revitalized Infusion Facial + Direct High Frequency: ​$200

Eyelashes: $15
Eyebrows: $15
Eyebrow & Eyelash Combo: $25
Eyebrow Wax, Eyebrow Tint, & Eyelash Tint: $40

Brow: $15 (Every 3rd Eyebrow wax is FREE)
Lip: $10
Nose: $12
Sideburns: $12
Cheeks: $8
Chin: $8
Lower Lip: $5
Forehead: $10

Ears: ​$8

Back of Neck: $15
Full Face Wax: $55 (Valued at $80)


​Wax Underarms: $25

​Wax Stomach Strip: $10


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